Team Eddy with our first two bags of green coffee beans.

  Team Eddy with our first two bags of green coffee beans.

Two years ago...

We would have laughed if you told us that we would own a specialty coffee roasting company. We've always dreamed of one day running a small independent community coffee shop where great people would connect over good coffee; but dreams are just dreams, right?

Well, prayer changes things. During a particularly difficult period of our life we asked God to give us direction and a vision for loving His people and serving His kingdom. His answer was not what we expected. We were encouraged to take a leap of faith and invest in our dreams.  

Abide Coffee Roasters was founded on three basic principles: 1) to love people through coffee; 2) to help great people connect over good coffee; and 3) to make specialty coffee simple.

Love (from the Greek word Agape) is the highest form of love; it is sacrificial, atavistic, selfless, encouraging, kind, gentle, truthful, and compassionate. Agape is the kind of love demonstrated by Jesus Christ who willingly gave His life on the cross to save us from our sin.

We hope that when people look into our business they will see more than just coffee; we hope they will see a mission of Agape love, hope, grace, and peace. We pray that all we do in business as in life will be done by His grace and for His glory.

With love,

Team Eddy