2018 Autumn Blend (Medium Roast)


2018 Autumn Blend (Medium Roast)


NOTES: Medium roast with sweet chocolate and cinnamon notes

Continent: North America

Country: Honduras, El Salvador

Region: Various

Varietal: Various

Farm: Various

Process: Washed

Altitude:  Various

Grade: Various


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Introducing our 2017 Autumn Blend, a delicious mix of dark and sweet that is sure to put you in a perfect Fall mood.  This blend features French roast Sumatran, Vienna roast Honduran, and light roasted Guatemalan specialty grade single-origincoffees.  The result is a delicate balance act that plays the dark brooding notes typical of French roast coffees off the full-body graham cracker mouthfeel of the Vienna Honduras La Lesquinada and the sweet milk chocolate and nutty notes of the Guatemala Antigua.  Enjoy this coffee straight or with a dash of cream and a pinch of sugar. 

Current Offerings

We currently offer this coffee in 12-oz bags. 

Brewing Recommendations

Brewing Recommendations: This limited edition blend is perfect for drip brewing.  Load your favorite drip brewer of K-cup filter up with medium-fine grounds and enjoy the dark but sweet aroma that fills our kitchen.  This blend may also be enjoyed as a pour over, like a V60 or our personal favorite the Chemex brew system.