2018/2019 Winter Blend


2018/2019 Winter Blend

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NOTES: Cinnamon, Cocoa, Oranges and Caramel

Continent: Africa and North America

Country: Ethiopia and Honduras

Region: Various

Varietal: Various

Farm: Various

Process: Washed

Altitude:  Various

Grade: Various

Directly Sourced: Bodhi Leaf

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Introducing our 2017 Winter Blend, a delicious sweet treat with balanced brightness and body that is sure to put you in the holiday mood.  This blend features three Honduran coffees that we roast individually in order to develop their unique flavor, body, and sweetness.  We then blend these coffees together in a unique recipe that adds complexity and richness to the cup.  The result is an enjoyable velvety full-bodied cup full of chocolatey sweetness and bright floral acidity with hints of cinnamon, almond, and brown sugar.  Enjoy this coffee with breakfast, your favorite holiday treat, or alone preferably in front of the fire.  Excellent black or, for a decadent drink, add cream and sugar. 

Current Offerings

We currently offer this coffee in 12-oz bags. Special orders of our 5oz and 2.5oz bags are available.  Please email us for details.

Brewing Recommendations

Brewing Recommendations: This limited edition blend is perfect for drip and pour-over brewing.  Load your favorite drip brewer or K-cup filter up with medium-fine grounds and enjoy the sweet lime and floral aromas that your kitchen.  This blend may also be enjoyed as a pour over, like a V60 or our personal favorite the Chemex brew system.  For a truly memorable experience, try this coffee in an Aeropress.