Sunrise Blend (Medium Roast)

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Sunrise Blend 4x6_v1.png

Sunrise Blend (Medium Roast)

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NOTES: A balanced Honduran blend that is bright, bold and sweet with notes of milk chocolate, citrus and caramel. A perfect morning cup.

Continent: North America

Country: Honduras

Region: Various

Varietal: Various

Farm: Various

Process: Washed

Altitude:  Various

Grade: Various

Direct Source: Genuine Origin and Bodhi Leaf

Whole Bean or Ground:
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We originally developed this blend as a house coffee for one of our wholesale clients. It’s wildly popular where it is served and that got us thinking we should probably package it and offer it to our amazing online customers. Sunrise captures everything we love about a morning cup of joe; it’s bright, sweet, and a little bit bold without the bitterness. That’s because we use specialty grade beans and carefully roast each batch by hand to develop its unique flavor profile. We also taste every roast to ensure it meets our internal quality standards.  Our Sunrise Blend starts with a sweet but subtle citrus brightness that transitions to a delicious sweet milk chocolate and dark chocolate/caramel finish.  Sip this coffee in your favorite mug in the cool of the morning or enjoy on the road or at work.  

Current Offerings

We currently offer this coffee in 12-oz bags. Special orders of our 5oz and 2.5oz bags are available upon request (minimum order requirements).    

Brewing Recommendations

Brewing Recommendations: Enjoy this summer blend with your favorite filter drip or full emersion brew method.