Good (Guji) Vibes Espresso Blend

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Good (Guji) Vibes Espresso Blend

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NOTES: Rose water, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Orange Blossom, Cocoa, Caramel,

Continent: Africa

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Guji

Variety/Cultivar: Heirloom

Farm: Various

Process: Washed/Natural

Altitude:  1850-2200 m

Grade: 1

Certification: Direct Trade

Whole Bean or Ground:
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Our Good Vibes espresso blend is bright and sweet dry espresso made with Ethiopian washed and natural processed coffees.  In addition to a full-medium creamy body and ample crema our Good Vibes blend is highlighted by an incredible floral bouquet aroma and floral and melon acidity that perfectly balances with the orange blossom, cocoa, and caramel sugary sweetness.  While seasonal availability of specific single-origin beans may differ from year to year, Good Vibes will always feature a blend of washed and Ethiopian Natural processed coffees that balance floral and fruity notes with sugary sweetness.  Sip as an espresso or add to your favorite espresso-based drink and sit back, relax, and enjoy the Good Vibes.  

Current Offerings

We currently offer this coffee in 12-oz bags. 5oz and 2.5 oz bags are available for special orders; email us for details.

Brewing Recommendations

Brewing Recommendations: Espresso.