El Salvador Angel Mtn.


El Salvador Angel Mtn.

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Notes: Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Rich.

Continent: Central America

Country: El Salvador

Region: Cordillera del Balsamo, La Libertad

Other: Angel Mountain Farm

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Altitude:  - 1400 - 1800 meters

Grade: SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)

Certification: Direct Trade

Whole Bean or Ground:
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Origin Notes

Since 1856, this family has maintained a long tradition of cultivating coffee.  The coffee is grown at altitudes above 400 feet in Comasagua, a small village nestled in Cordillera del Balsamo (Balsam Mountain Range) in La Libertad El Salvador.  The land in this region is prime for cultivating coffee, with natural shade provided by an abundance of balsam trees.  The coffee is of the highest quality, with rich nutrients absorbed from the fresh waters that run down the side of the mountain into the Comasagua River below.  The coffee beans exhibit a balanced, creamy and excellent texture.  The fruity and floral characteristics of the balsam trees are prevalent in the flavor of the coffee providing its velvety character, unique to anywhere else in the world. Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

Current Offerings

We currently offer this coffee in 12-oz Full-Sized Bags as well as our Mini-Bags and Sample sizes.  Sample Bags contain 2.5 ounces (70.9 grams) of whole bean coffee which will brew a 10-12 cup pot of coffee or approximately four 12-ounce pour overs. 

Brewing Recommendations

Brewing Recommendations: Pour Over, Drip, Aeropress. We have had fantastic results with two of the brewing techniques (Drip and Press). The El Salvador Angel Mountain is smooth and sweet in V60 or Kalita pour over as well as a Chemex brew system. This coffee is also good in standard machine drip, though it loses some of its vibrancy.  The coffee stands out in the Aeropress, which brews somewhere between traditional coffee and an espresso. The velvety chocolate and graham cracker notes are bold and prominent.